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 Sunday March 1, 2020--For this newest testimony, click the link below. 


Sunday Oct 1, 2017--- Yesterday was another tremendous day in our services. We had the privilege of baptizing 8 people yesterday. This past week a former member of the church, of many decades ago, was saved on Sunday a week ago, then Sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost the next Sunday. That same Sunday that she was saved, the move of God continued as it has, every Sunday, for the past 4 years, as people came to the altar. Then, another woman testified that she received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. That same morning, that these two women received the Holy Ghost, a child about 11 or 12 years old received salvation, with his arms raised and shaking under the power of God.

     This Sunday's service, a dear sister, who came in with an ailment she has had for several years, and which been prayed for many times, as she was prayed for today, she arose and began to walk around the building praising God, when earlier she could barely walk. She walked around the building once, twice, three times with her hands raised, praising God. She testified later how that God had begun to move in her at the altar, and He just flooded her soul with his spirit; and her leg, that hurt so bad, well, she began to shake that leg, and kick it around, and say it doesn't hurt anymore.

     Another young man had fallen a day or two ago, and came into the church limping. So, as we began the worship service, once again, with no altar call, he and some others came to the altar. And as he was sitting on the altar, prayer was made for him. And as we prayed, he began to lift his arms up, as the power of the Lord came over him. After a while he testified that he was healed completely.

     Our former member, who had just received the Holy Ghost a week ago, had her son go into the hospital the following Wednesday. So some of our members went up to pray for him, with a couple of our ministers, and prayer was made. As one of the ministers prayed for this young man he received the baptism of the Holy Ghost right there in the hospital. Both he and his mother were baptized yesterday in that group.

     His grandmother, his mother's cousin, his mother's grandson, and 3 others came to see them get baptized. And as the lord was moving in the altar service, both this former member's mother and cousin got blessed. the cousin got saved again, the mother testified, that a heavy weight had been lifted off of her.

     Another man, who had come several miles from Pawnee, was slain in the spirit and receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost and fire. This man testified that he had never felt such joy as that which came over him there at the altar. You could hear him laughing on the floor for a long time while the altar service continued.

     There are no words to describe, what has been happening here at Restoration cogop, continuously, these past four years, except to say, that the Lord has done this, He has done great things for us wherever we are glad. All I can do is marvel at this four-year move of the Lord in "every" Sunday service. There is such joy in our church, there is such family, such happiness. This is not a quiet church, indeed, this is the House of Prayer that the lord called or described his church as. And as we, God's people, get together with God In prayer, for real, indeed, we have been experiencing a harvest like I have never seen before.

     As a pastor I look around at these people who are members or friends here, or just visitors, and I see that there are children everywhere, there are new people all the time, there are people saying we've been many places before, but we've never seen or felt this. People are driving an hour or longer to come to church, the reason for that is that they're coming to encounter almighty God.

     The report I'm giving now is for this week, but although it was different people last week, it was the same awesome, fantastic move of God, then in both the morning service and the evening service, and indeed in all those many, many, many weeks before, indeed, God has come, and moved mightily in both the morning and the evening services.

     We do not know what all is going to come, we expect the devil to fight against us, but one thing we know for sure if God be for us, that no weapon formed against us will prosper, and the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against the church.

     I will say this one last thing; there is a river flowing in this church from the Throne of God, and the joy of the Lord that is among our people, is our strength.

     For His glory alone, now and forever, amen.


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